24 October 2007

Cetacean Investigation - Part One

CETACEAN INVESTIGATION is a series of documentary programs combining the collective wisdom of scientists and conservationists with a remarkable range of expertise and perspectives. It uncovers the latest science techniques being used to study whales, dolphins and porpoises, while inspiring and encouraging young people to want to learn more about the oceans. It examines the threats that individual species face, and focuses on the people who are making a difference to preserve the animals, by connecting their fate to the health of their respective habitats.

The video will feature interviews to, and/or contributions by Tethys team members including Sabina Airoldi, Giovanni Bearzi, Silvia Bonizzoni, Joan Gonzalvo, Caterina Lanfredi, Simone Panigada and Margherita Zanardelli.

The first part of the Cetacean Investigation series has just been posted online - it can be viewed at:

A downloadable QUICKTIME version of the video has been posted at:

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