01 July 2009

Cetacean Sanctuary Research 05, 22-28 June

Wow, what an experience! This, although a “working holiday”, was one of the best of my life. Whales have been a passion of my childhood, and being able to help research and photograph them was an awe-inspiring experience. Throughout the expedition we received insightful lectures about the various cetaceans in the sanctuary and how Tethys Research institute is working towards further protection of the cetaceans in the area. Overall the crew were very helpful in providing useful information about the animals, but also in helping with “tasks” i.e. washing up and cooking which for a 15 yr old (myself) are quite challenging. I would recommend this holiday to anyone of all ages and (weather permitting) they will not be let down with opportunities for wildlife spotting.

Matt, UK


I could do this type of work for the rest of my life. In fact, I plan to. This week has been a fantastic eye opener with regards to how much and how hard the researchers work in this specialist field and determined my resolve to join the fight for safer seas. The dolphins I saw will continue to leap and twist through my dreams for months to come until I can return to this magical and truly unique area of beauty.

Zoë, Northern Ireland


Fabulous week with superb collection of multinational volunteers and researchers. Enlightened about all matters ecological and amazing opportunities to view wildlife in their natural habitat. Inspired to undertake more conservation activities and also to spread the word.

Nic, England


You can only miss what you know.
I will miss the nights on deck.
I will miss the Dolphins playing around the Pelagos.
I will miss the beautiful sound of the Fin Wale breathing.
I will miss the Fantastic team of Tethys.
I will miss sitting at the bow watching the sea.
But this missing will make me come back.

Peter, Germany

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