19 July 2009

Dolphins of Greece, 11-19 July

What an incredible opportunity it has been to participate in Earthwatch’s Dolphins of Greece expedition. After a few excruciatingly hot days in Athens, I travelled to the indescribable town of Vonitsa, which pictures will not do justice to reflect its true beauty. The past eight days have been filled with memories, fun times, and educational opportunities that will stay with me for a lifetime. I feel so fortunate to have worked with a team of amazing volunteers - Avril, Allegra, Jane, and Matt. Also, as an educator myself, I have truly appreciated Joan and Susie’s (each unique) teaching styles which have allowed us all to learn so much about not only dolphins and Greece, but also a wide range of issues critical to the preservation of our Earth’s valuable resources.
Courtney, USA



Sea turtles
Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins
Feeding frenzy
Sightings galore

Avril, Australia


What can I say? This has been one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had and I enjoyed every bit of it, from the amazing dolphins to the unbearable heat! Vonitsa is a beautiful place and the introduction to it couldn’t have been better! I’ve learnt so much in a week, it’s incredible! I definitely won’t forget the dolphins bowriding our boat! I never thought I’d get to see them so close, let alone watch them feeding and swimming only a few meters away from us! Thanks for all the laughter and amazing moments. This expedition definitely showed me that it’s worth fighting for these beautiful animals!

Allegra, Switzerland


Vonitsa, Vonitsa. Oh how I will miss you. With your dolpins, gyro pitas and half-liter Heinekens, this is an experience that will never be forgotten. The heat rash and lack of modern room cooling practices will not be missed, however. Being my second Earthwatch trip, I came with some level of expectation and my stay here exceeded them all. This expedition would not have been so enjoyable if there were any other individuals in charge besides Joan and Susie. They're the greatest! Best of luck to the entire Tethys team and the wonderful work they are doing here.

Matt, USA


Dolphins of Greece, Dolphins of Greece, Oh how I will miss you. You have surpassed the expectations that I have come with, and leave me to take a fresh new heart and eye for the world that surrounds me. The land that you reside comes anew with the species that we have to help preserve. Dolphins of Greece, your eye, your breath, your percussive and aerial behaviour never fails to awe me. The beauty of the way that you travel and the way that you feed will always stay close to my heart. I take with me the fond memories of you. For the children of our future, I promise to educate about you. Your protectors, amongst the many, Joan, Susie, Tethys, Earthwatch and many more will continue to care and watch over you. Joan and Susie, thank you for teaching us about this species. The new found knowledge that you have bestowed unto me will continue through my students. The intelligence that you have shared will continue to spread through me. My heart smiles as I leave Vonitsa.

Jane, USA

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