27 July 2009

Cetacean Sanctuary Research 09, 20-26 July

Our week with Tethys has been amazing. After seeing four sperm whales, pods of striped dolphins, a sunfish, a swordfish and a sea turtle on the first day we wondered If it could get any better. But then It did on the next day, Wednesday, when we saw a fin whale and followed it for about an hour and a half, then we saw another pod of striped dolphins! It was fabulous to see so many animals and be so close to them. Thank you to the crew for all the hard work you have done for this to be such a great week.

Phoebe & Jasmine, England


I’m not sure if seeing a fin whale blowing off the bow, dolphins bowriding Pelagos or waiting for a sperm whale to surface, its feeding clicks having ceased was the highlight of the trip. Perhaps it was drifting at night under across the Mediterranean sea, keeping watch in 2 hour shifts with the splash of dolphins somewhere in the dark, more stars than you realise are in the sky staring down or the jelly fish flashing from the sea beneath in reply that was the best bit, or maybe it was the great company of the Tethys team and the multinational volunteers. Perhaps it was all of these things that made the week an unforgettable experience.

James, England


How could the first day get better? Sightings of sperm whales, striped dolphins, a swordfish and even sea turtles! With the addition of a fin whale sighting on the second day, life aboard Pelagos has been pretty good! A lovely group of fellow volunteers and a fantastic crew of researchers, not forgetting the Captain of course, all made the week fly. I’m definitely planning a return trip. Thanks Tethys!

Claire, England

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