13 July 2009

Delphi's Dolphins 09, 5-11 July

I have always loved dolphins, and originally this week was little more for me than a chance to chase dolphins, enjoy the ocean, and see Greece. Yet my week with the Tethys Research Institute has changed my life fundamentally. I plan to use my knowledge of the damage we are doing to the oceans, and the methods by which we can remedy that damage, to vastly alter my own consumption habits, and to try and change those of others. Silvia, Giovanni, and Aina have given me a profound gift in providing me with the chance to study dolphins in their natural environment, and I can only hope to do as much as possible to help preserve not just this amazing species, but all the creatures that share its habitat.

Heather, USA


Participating to the Ionian Dolphin’ s project has been one of a lifetime experience. I have just spent one week of pure satisfaction, helping collecting data and assisting the Tethys team in their research. Watching sea turtles and dolphins in their natural environment will stay in my memory, not to mention the great welcoming and organisation of the Tethys team, Silvia, Giovanni and Aina, thank you. In addition I discovered a beautiful country and the typical Greek life in Galaxidi. Strongly recommend it.

Delphine, Ireland


Taking part in this research project for a week has been a truly memorable experience. By briefly being a part of the actual research process, I learned more about how the data is collected and analyzed, and how important the acquired data is in terms of furthering the environmental cause. (Not to mention how amazing it was simply to see animals such as dolphins and sea turtles in their natural habitat.) My time here has made a lasting impression on me and has convinced me even further of the depth of damage we have inflicted on our environment and how important it is to take both the small and large steps that can help alleviate these problems.

Catie, USA

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