18 July 2009

Delphi's Dolphins 10, 12-18 July

The programme was great as it allowed us to see dolphins in their natural habitat which is really exhilarating when previously we have only seen them in tiny tanks in the zoo. On the last day the striped dolphins decided to give us a warm goodbye when around 80 surrounded the boat. It was quite spectacular. We have met some lovely people here, and it was great to live a week in the life of a real research team. As well as having hands on experience in the boat with collecting data, we also learnt a lot of interesting stuff about the project and its goals. Our eyes were really opened to the problems dolphins and fisheries face now and in the future and it feels great that we did even just a tiny bit to help. Galaxidi is a lovely place (we especially enjoyed the evening at the ‘dance competition’). Thanks for an AMAZING week guys!

Rebecca and Jenny, England


This program allowed us not only to be part of a research team, but also to be part of a friendly and warm team. We enjoyed it a lot and would definitely recommend this program to our friends. It is so much worth coming and we are sure that the memories will remain with us for the rest of our lives.

Julia and Ana, Lithuania

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