21 July 2009

Cetacean Sanctuary Research 08, 13-19 July

Having finished my two weeks on Pelagos I can honestly say it has been the most wonderful two weeks, weeks that I shall never forget! Each individual sighting of the Ligurian’s most treasured cetaceans stand out amongst the many laughs and silly moments shared on board between participant and crew member alike. Who could forget Mauro, Elisa, Viridiana and Morgana, each a devoted cetacean researcher with their passion and individual quirky nature. Who could forget the oceans most historic animals as they join our modern and busy world for just a fleeting moment. Thank you to Tethys, to Pelagos, Roberto and the team, I will never forget!

Tamsin, England


A week spent with an eclectic group of knowledge-hungry travellers, onboard the beautiful Pelagos. We were unlucky with the weather, however one fantastic day was spent at sea, with many striped dolphins. A solitary sperm whale and a refreshing afternoon swim with an exhilarating 2000m of blue beneath us. The days in harbour were whiled away in the sun, reading and exploring San Remo, punctuated by informative lectures. Many thanks to all crew and participants for making this a memorable and treasured week.

Vicky, England


Thank you for all the passion and energy you have shown, to learn us and make us aware about cetaceans as well as other species in “our” sea (as we share it in Marseille), but also for the nice atmosphere you created to make our week very pleasant despite the weather which was not so much “clement”. However, this journey shall be unforgettable as I will come back home with two sperm whales (Pat and Clemente). Don’t worry I will take care of them! All my best wishes to all, and long life to your research adventure and long life as well to cetaceans in all over the world!

Isabelle, France

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