24 July 2007

Dolphins of Greece, July 2007

I truly enjoyed my time at the Dolphins of Greece expedition in the Amvrakikos Gulf. I was impressed by the dedication of Giovanni, Joan and Susie to their research, the dolphins, education and to us the volunteers. The team provided us with an opportunity to fully participate in the process vs. just being observers. The most exciting and rewarding parts were being out on the boat and being part of the combined, orchestrated effort to efficiently and accurately record the data and then getting to come back in the afternoons and see what happens with all the pictures taken. Who knew each of the dolphins’ dorsal fins are so different?

The experience was powerful for me personally, as the last time I had really thought about science was in my high school biology class (more years ago than I will admit), and this gave me the rare and special opportunity to learn and be educated in a way that I otherwise would never experience. Giovanni, Joan and Susie took the time to impart their knowledge to us with lectures and videos giving us the great opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues in an intimate setting.

The icing on the cake was the beautiful setting of the gulf, from the sunrises and sunsets, being out on the water and getting the chance to jump in after a long hot day.

The experience was truly remarkable.

Jenny, USA

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