12 July 2007

International affair

By Nicola Hodgins, WDCS

This trip was a truly international affair with guests coming from far and wide. Represented on board was of course Italy (by our esteemed skipper and crew), Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, USA, England and Scotland - quite a team! The week began with a sighting of 2 fin whales not long after leaving harbour and these majestic beasts left most participants speechless as they tried to comprehend the sheer size of the animals.

To follow was a brief encounter with a small pod of striped dolphins bow-riding and leaping clear of the water all around the boat, more fin whales and even a sunfish and 2 sharks. The most spectacular day however was our last, no less than 9 sightings of sperm whales (or to be scientifically correct, cachalot)!! Having tracked them with the hydrophones, we were able to not only watch these creatures of the deep but were able to listen to their vocalisations as they dived to the depths to seek out their dinner of squid. Quite amazing!

Everyone went home with memories to last a lifetime and promises of returning next year!

Nicola Hodgins, WDCS - The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society


What an experience! A plethera of sperm whales and a couple of beautiful fin whales. Only a few stripped dolphins, but the whales made up for that. The researchers are doing such valuable work – it is a privilege to have been a small part of it. Thank you!
Moyra, Scotland

As long as institutions like Tethys exist and researchers as dedicated as the researchers of the Pelagos are part of it, there will be still hope for the sea mammals on this planet. Many thanks to the researchers and skipper Paolo for the most interesting week I spend on the Pelagos...
Gerda, the Netherlands

Another brilliant trip and so many sperm whale sightings – amazing animals. Great to see the fin whales as well. Life on board is ideally suited to the important research that Tethys undertake. Many thanks to everyone from Tethys for a great time...
Tim, UK

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